Some Flickr Photos Unavailable to Google Reader

One problem with using Google Reader to view photos that my contacts have added to their Flickr Photostreams is that Google Reader does not send Flickr my credentials.

This means it only finds Public photos – not photos restricted to Friends and / or Family.

Also Flickr users can hide their photos from external searches using the Privacy tab on their “Account” page.

This is sensible but it means I can easily miss good photos that my Flickr friends wanted me to see if I only use Google Reader to check their Photostreams. I bet not everybody realises this.

I expect the same applies to other services like Picasa Web and Ipernity.

Sometimes when Flickr “has the hiccups” you get a “Photo Unavailable” instead of the photo.

Google Reader Flickr Photo Unavailable-200

Google Reader Flickr Photo Unavailable

That’s understandable too. I think Flickr stops servicing external API requests when it is heavily loaded in order to better serve its members who are using its web site.

I don’t think Google Reader can track comments on Flickr photos. That would be useful.


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