Hippy Van in Bangkok

For some reason my local supermarket car park attracts plenty of interesting vehicles. Four days out of five I’ll see something on wheels that is worth a photograph.

For example
Volkswagen Microbus
I like the way my Nikon Coolpix P6000 has a reasonably wide-angle lens. There wasn’t much space between the van and a wall but the camera got it all. The colours are good. This is the kind of thing the camera is good at. If I am not too demanding of its capabilities I am a happy photographer.

Not surprisingly the background is over exposed but I’ll sacrifice that for a good view of the main subject.


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One Response to “Hippy Van in Bangkok”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    Somebody on Flickr told me that this van is a unique style built in Brazil:

    “It’s one of the Brazilian ones… the rear end of a split-screen (square windows & hinged side doors and the pre-’64 narrow tailgate) with the front end of the ’67-’79 shape. ”

    Fortunately I had a picture of the rear of the van to prove it has the old type’s styling.

    I wonder how a Brazilian van got to Thailand.

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