Singapore Picapps

Every so often I type something into Picapp to see what they have. The new pictures are not so interesting but again I found some old photos that I like.

I have spent a lot of time in Singapore so I like to see photos of the old city-state.

[picapp src=”b/c/e/a/Singapore_Children_7f14.jpg?adImageId=6982546&imageId=3119571″ width=”475″ height=”594″ /]
I think these kids are in their 50s now – about my age.
[picapp src=”7/0/7/8/HMS_Victoria_297b.jpg?adImageId=6982549&imageId=3093777″ width=”490″ height=”594″ /]
She’s HMS Victorious, not Victoria. And I don’t see any Fairey Gannets. I see De Haviland Sea Vixens on the angled deck (a British invention) and Supermarine Scimitars on the foredeck.
[picapp src=”0/4/f/0/Hall_At_Singapore_ebaf.jpg?adImageId=6982572&imageId=3068990″ width=”500″ height=”504″ /]
[picapp src=”8/b/b/7/HMS_Bulwark_20fa.jpg?adImageId=6982557&imageId=4264686″ width=”500″ height=”382″ /]
Not in Singapore but on her way there. I remember HMS Bulwark from my time living in Gosport when I was a child.
[picapp src=”e/9/4/5/Singapore_River_e9e7.jpg?adImageId=6982576&imageId=5624648″ width=”500″ height=”374″ /]
[picapp src=”5/f/8/1/Flying_Boats_7386.jpg?adImageId=6982535&imageId=2757684″ width=”461″ height=”594″ /]
[picapp src=”6/9/8/9/Singapore_Street_14a6.jpg?adImageId=6982607&imageId=5550585″ width=”463″ height=”594″ /]
[picapp src=”5/8/d/e/Governer_Raffles_fb67.jpg?adImageId=6982616&imageId=3968124″ width=”394″ height=”560″ /]
He’s still remembered in Singapore. Raffles Hotel, Raffles Place MRT … I think this bust is somewhat idealised.


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