Night Shooting at Bangkok Hua Lamphong Station

It was pouring with rain when I got back to my local subway station Thailand Cultural Centre on Wednesday evening. Rather than getting soaked walking home I returned to the subway and took the next train to the end of the line: Hua Lamphong Station. I knew I could get to the station itself without getting wet. I have a monthly pass so it didn’t cost the Frugal Bangkok Photographer a satang.

I only had my Nikon Coolpix P6000 camera with me so I took a load of pictures on its “high ISO” setting – which meant it set the speed to 1600 ASA in the dark station.

There’s quite a lot of activity in the station in the evenings and many overnight trains depart between 8pm and 11pm for routes to the north and east.

Here’s a gallery of some of the photos I took. As expected they are extremely noisy. And I know that unattractive electronic noise does not equal attractive film grain. Still, the photos have a certain atmospheric appeal.

The white balance was way off in all the pictures because of the strange lighting. But Lightroom was good at correcting my JPEG pictures if I could find something that I knew was a neutral colour.

You can click on a thumbnail to see a larger picture.


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