New Thai Tea

I was doing my weekly shopping at the local friendly Jusco supermarket yesterday. I put a box of my usual black tea into the trolley. An attractive young lady approached me and persuaded me to try a new brand: T-Max.

She had a small table set up to make sample cups for me to try. She impressed on me this tea is from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The tea tasted the same to me as the Bangladesh brand I usually drink. I’m not a tea connoisseur – I take it with milk and sugar.

T-Max Black Tea

T-Max Black Tea

I like that their marketing department describe it as an “English Blend”. The English preference for tea is known worldwide. I think it means it is a strong-tasting tea.

As I bonus I got a free teacup with the purchase of a box of 50 tea bags. But in an “only in Thailand” glitch she said I didn’t get the cup if I bought a box of 100.

I didn’t have the presence of mind to ignore the “no photography” signs and snap a photo of the young lady with the tea. She seemed very grateful for my custom. Perhaps she gets a few satang for every box Jusco sells.

Most in-store promoters are too shy to approach a foreigner. I might talk to them in English. Oh no! Good that this lady was brave.

Labour costs are low in Thailand so most supermarkets have half a dozen promoters selling various products and any time. I don’t think that’s economic in North America or Europe except for major product introductions where customer education is important.

Small human moments like that are one of the many reasons I love living in Thailand. In America I recall supermarkets work it out so customers don’t need to interact with other humans at all. My local Safeway introduced expensive automated checkout scanners so customers can do it themselves. I don’t think that will happen here in my lifetime.

I like the personal touch.

T-Max Black Tea

The Back of the Box

No this is not me!
[picapp src=”0074/25ef7f67-5bbb-499e-b3ac-f409a81f0c0d.jpg?adImageId=6976255&imageId=77374″ width=”338″ height=”505″ /]


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  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    A yellow box with the name T Max?

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