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Since I established an account with Scribd two days ago I have acquired no less than six (6) subscribers to my account.

I didn’t think there are six people on the planet who are interested in the esoteric details of Bangkok’s bus fleet or the prices of cameras in Thailand.

On a closer look it seems they aren’t. They are all authors who subscribed to my account in the hope that I’ll take an interest in their work.

To me that’s an interesting nugget of Internet sociology. With a photo site like Flickr or Picasa Web people tend to subscribe to your photos because they are interested in the subject matter.

Scribd seems to be different. Some of its users are using subscriptions as a simple marketing tool. They probably subscribe to new Scribd users no matter what the content.

There seems to be an unmet need here: a way for authors to publicize their work in a more targeted fashion. For businesses there’s Google Ad Words and the like. Search on “science fiction books” and Google serves up ads for businesses. I got one for some novel publishing software.

I wonder how authors could get a better audience for their work with a low to zero marketing budget. I am sure there is a lot of good work out there that hasn’t been taken up by a publisher.


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