Lightroom 2.4 Scare

Lightroom Hang
Yesterday afternoon I was processing my photos from my trip to Immigration using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.4. I was using my normal multi-pass workflow which has worked well for me.

Delifrance Lunch


I was in Library Loupe mode about to enter a title and caption to this photo about my lunch at Delifrance.

Then Lightroom stopped working.

When I clicked on it the title bar changed from its normal black to blue (Adobe must do some Windows user interface funnies to get that black colour) but that’s all it would do.

Lightroom was not consuming much CPU and I was able to take this screen shot when I decided it was never going to talk to me again. It was not a particularly large shoot – only about 100 pictures. It has handled several times this number without a problem in the past.

I have plenty of disk space and 2GB of memory. I guess it ran out of some resource.

I terminated the process, restarted Lightroom and did a catalog database check, backup and optimize. Lightroom is back to normal now but I am worried the catalog is corrupted in some way. Desktop databases typically do not like it when you terminate their process before they have had a chance to post their buffers. This isn’t Oracle or DB/2!

I checked that the previous photo I had modified had its data as I expected it.

Are there any other tools I can use to check the catalog? I don’t want to be using a catalog that has problems and will fail more seriously.

Maybe unfairly I tend to blame MS Windows. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to follow Jeff Friedel, ditch the ball and chain and escape Windows.


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