Publishing With Scribd

I am trying the Scribd service to publish the short documents I have written recently. My account name is BKKPhotographer. You can access my documents here. So far I have put all of them in the public domain.

Scribd seems like a very good service. I have not explored other people’s documents yet. Like Flickr for photos, they seem to have something for everybody. Every time you publish something you have to click OK on a dialog box that warns you must have the right to publish what you are publishing. I bet that deters all the bad guys.

As always I do not understand their business model. They present Google ads next to the documents. The three they posted next to my document about Bangkok buses offer serviced apartments in Bangkok, a travel agency and offshore banking. I cannot see that those ads pay their bills.

Scribd is integrated with WordPress. This means you can embed one of your documents into a blog post. Here’s my document on the Vehicle Registration Plates of Thailand that I originally published in this post.

View this document on Scribd

I also published a two-page illustrated summary of the types of buses operated by the Bangkok MTA.
View this document on Scribd

View this document on Scribd

That’s definitely a minority interest!

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