More Content on Picapp

Picapp announced with a plethora of exclamation marks that the Zuma Press agency is adding its content to the service. That’s good news. However, I didn’t understand the rest of the release:

Those of you who have been blogging with us for a while noticed that we are moving toward the upper-end of the content representation and have made certain changes in our content partnerships to improve the quality of the content we provide. We believe that by working with top agencies we can better insure many of the important factors such as professional keywording, global coverage, fast server respond, clear legal rights\credits and more.

What on earth is the upper end of the content representation? How will I know when you’ve go there? I wonder if their older providers like Getty Images know they are not at the upper end.

Here’s a Zuma picture:
[picapp src=”3/e/4/4/BADMINTON_2009_Sudirman_d7ee.JPG?adImageId=6615304&imageId=4847685″ width=”500″ height=”586″ /]
May 16, 2009 – Guangzhou, Guangdong, China – A cheerleader performs during the men’s doubles match between Indonesia’s Hendra Setiawan, Mohammad Ahsan and Korea’s Lee Yong Dae, Jung Jae Sung at the semifinal of 2009 Sudirman Cup World Mixed Team Badminton Championships in Guangzhou of south China’s Guangdong province. Lee Yong Dae and Jung Jae Sung won the match 2-0 and Korea team defeated Indonesia with 3-1.Credit Image: Guan Dao/Color China Photos/ZUMA Press)RESTRICTIONS: * China Rights OUT Photo via Newscom
Content © 2009 Newscom All rights reserved.



2 Responses to “More Content on Picapp”

  1. marcus Says:

    That’s a pretty awful photograph. The hand on the edge of the photo is in focus and the rest is a mess. My photos are nothing special, but I would have deleted this one without delay!

  2. BKKPhotographer Says:

    Yes, it’s interesting what gets through with these stock agencies isn’t it?

    Yet Shutterstock is so fussy. I am sure they wouldn’t have approved it if it came from one of their contributors.

    Still, the cheerleader is pretty. I’m sure they have better ones. They are towards the upper end of the content representation!

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