Google Reader

I’ve been trying Google Reader to keep the web sites that I like to visit often into one interface. It’s a bit like email. Most sites have a RSS feed. Flickr maintains them for users, groups and so on.

Google Reader

Google Reader

It’s a bit fiddly posting long URLs of feeds into the “Add a subscription” box but you get used to it.

One thing I noted is that if people read my blog through Reader the hits do not show up in the site statistics maintained by WordPress. Google Reader must get in by a side entrance. It certainly reformats the content for presentation in its window.

I looked at the Google Reader recommended bundle of sites to add when you set it up. I wasn’t interested in any of them. It was a generic mix of harmless US-centric pop culture sites.

Google’s missing an opportunity here. They know so much about my browsing history and anything else they can glean. They could make a bundle of sites that they think might interest me. They’re good at things like that.


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