Stock Photography Dos and Don’ts

Shutterstock :: Make money with your photos!.
This is a very good summary of best practices for stock photographers. The last one is appropriate for me:

Don’t be discouraged by rejections. Understand why they occurred and learn from them.

I was discouraged and I have not submitted a second batch of photos for their consideration. I’ve got two reasons for that:

  1. The fuss about US tax withholding: forms to complete and so on. It’s too much trouble for what’s essentially a hobby. They (Shutterstock, the US IRS or both) should only bother people if their income is above a certain level.
  2. Their one month hold on a second submission after they rejected 8 out of 10 of my first. I felt that was a condescending attitude. If I’d had the chance I would have examined all the rejection reasons and submitted a better second batch within a couple of days. As it was 30 days passed and by then I’d moved on to other projects.

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