Chili Peppers Drying on the Windowsill

Chili Peppers Drying on the Windowsill
This is my first upload to Flickr using the Lightroom 3 Beta.

Everything is going well so far. The install was very simple apart from a confusion where it put up a dialog box (on Windows XP) saying I had to reboot my system, yet started the product anyway.

I don’t know why an application like Lightroom would need to restart the system. What drivers or other low-level system software is it installing without telling me?

Although it is a separate database (catalog) it picked up certain things about my Lightroom 2 installation, for example all my Develop presets.

I don’t know if it made a copy of them. Typically Lightroom shares presets between all databases for the same machine. My concern is that if I update a preset in LR 3 will it still work in LR 2? I would have kept them completely separate.

I see they have changed the backup option to “backup on exit” rather than “backup on start”. That’s more logical, but I wish they’d keep the old options for backwards compatibility. I don’t like being forced to work a different way.

The “Publish” feature is not near as powerful as Jeff Friedl’s “Upload to Flickr” plugin. I wonder if Jeff will be able to work with Adobe to merge the two? That’s surely the best solution for end-users. I bet Jeff helps Adobe’s sales with his powerful additions to the product.

The thing LR 3 offers that Jeff does not is two-way comment synchronization. I am not sure yet when and how the synch occurs. Surely Lightroom must query Flickr from time to time. I wonder how well that will work if I have thousands of pictures uploaded.


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