Thailand Covers Hitler Billboard

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Thailand covers Hitler billboard.

I didn’t see this billboard, but I agree it is in very bad taste. For sure it got travelers’ attention but not in a good way. There are innumerable personalities they could have featured in their publicity campaign.

Sometimes I see people wearing t-shirts with swastika symbols on them. They have no idea of the terrible memories this can bring.

Of course the old saw that “any publicity is good publicity” applies. I would not be surprised if the waxworks got more visitors because of the furore. I am not going to add to it by naming them or their location here.

I wonder how much Thai people learn about World War 2 and the Holocaust in their schools.


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2 Responses to “Thailand Covers Hitler Billboard”

  1. Michael Willems Says:

    When I was working in Baghdad in the 1980’s I recall seeing a store selling “Hitler” underpants for men.

  2. BKKPhotographer Says:


    I’m going to do a small unscientific survey amongst my Thai friends to see how much they know about Hitler and what he and his regime did.

    That billboard was clearly targeted at the Thai tourist market – the text was in Thai. So the advertiser must have thought that Thai people know who he is. Beyond that … I don’t know.

    How much are people today in Canada are educated about Hitler and that history?

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