MozyHome is Not an Archive Solution

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This is the “Welcome” screen for the MozyHome backup configuration utility. The second paragraph is instructive:

Please note that MozyHome is not a file sharing or archiving service. Because MozyHome is intended as a backup solution, as you delete files from your computer they are also deleted from the Mozy data centers after 30 days.

I understand why they say this. Especially with their paid plan that provides unlimited storage users could upload terabytes of data to their data centres and delete them from their computers.

That is a definition of archiving.

Likewise I could share my credentials with my friends or colleagues and they could all retrieve files with no extra revenue to Mozy.

But of course if I backup my files to a CD, DVD or tape (showing my age here) then they never disappear. So in that case a backup is as good as an archive.

Mozy must believe that 30 days is plenty long enough for a user to discover she’s deleted a file accidentally and get is back from Mozy. If she doesn’t, Mozy will be of no help.

My view is that Mozy should be a bit more sophisticated. They know that some users want an archive or file sharing service. So offer it to them at a reasonable cost.

I don’t know why their only choise for individuals beyond the 2GB free account is an unlimited storage option. They could offer incremental storage upgrades in, say, 1GB chunks and guarantee that they will never delete a user’s file.

Maybe the problem is that they don’t have a sophisticated billing system. I remember from my dot com days that was a huge impediment to our developing internet telephony services. Maybe things have not got better in ten years.

Mozy could go further with a file sharing service. This could include adding permissions to files denoting who can access them. Maybe that is in their plans.


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3 Responses to “MozyHome is Not an Archive Solution”

  1. Online Backups Review Says:

    Thank you for this informative post! I’m surprised at the number of people that think they can get unlimited cloud-based storage for less than $5 / month. Mozy will backup your data – it’s not an unlimited, cloud-based hard drive!

    • BKKPhotographer Says:

      Yes indeed. But I think most people will not understand the difference – hence the carefully worded statement from MozyHome on their welcome page.

      “Unlimited” storage has become a tradition. I rememeber when the free email services like Yahoo and Hotmail restricted how much storage I could have. They would bounce incoming emails when I exceeded them. You had to pay to get an unlimited account.

      I think it was Gmail who introduced the unlimited notion and the others had to follow. I think many people use their email accounts as a backup solution. The email services limit the size of each message so I could not send myself my Lightroom catalog every day.

  2. Archiving Pictures in Lightroom « Bkkphotographer's Blog Says:

    […] Note how archive is different from backup. With backup you are making a copy of your files elsewhere but the originals remain in place. Archive moves the files but enables them to be located easily. It’s a different issue as my online backup tool Mozy Home observes. […]

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