Canon Photomarathon Thailand

Canon Photo Marathon 2009

Note the Canon shirt

Unfortunately only Thai citizens are allowed to enter the annual Canon Photomarathon. It’s very popular and it looks like a load of sanuk (fun). It was a very friendly gathering of several hundred photographers who were dispatched to take photos according to assignments from the organizers.

It didn’t seem very competitive – most were very laid back. I bet you can tell something about typical national characteristics from the behaviour at events like this. A New York event would be much more intense.

I went along to Central World to have a look-see and take my own photos. No one minded at all. I saw a lot of very expensive Canon equipment in use. Long L lenses on EOS-1D bodies for example. But there were a few people using compact cameras. My best sighting was a contestant with an old silver bodied EOS-300D – the original Digital Rebel, just like mine. But he had a L series 70-200mm zoom attached to it.

Maybe he agrees with my thought that it is better to invest in new lenses than new camera bodies if you want to take better pictures.

I took my Canon EOS-30D with the cheap kit 18-55mm EF-S lens. I did not feel envious of the expensive kit around me, I am the Bangkok Frugal Photographer!

All contestants received a natty black Canon shirt. It was great publicity for Canon as the photographers spread out all over the city. I had my photo taken a couple of times. If you won a prize – I want a share!

I posted a load of photographs to PicasaWeb here.

If you would like a copy of any photo feel free to leave a comment here. Most are in DNG format.


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3 Responses to “Canon Photomarathon Thailand”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    Unfortunately I did not have time to wait and attend the EOS-7D launch party.

  2. Canon EOS-7D Now Available in Thailand « Bkkphotographer's Blog Says:

    […] EOS-7D is now featured on the Canon Thailand web site at here after it was announced officially at Photomarathon Thailand 2009 last weekend. There is a Canon Asia EOS-7D microsite […]

  3. BKKPhotographer Says:

    The winners are now featured on the Photomarathon Web Site at

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