Bangkok Skytrain 10th Anniversary


It’s surprising to remember that the Bangkok Skytrain has only been open since December 5, 1999. The trains are starting to carry 10th Anniversary stickers like this.

(December 5 is the King’s Birthday so Thailand often arranges important things for that day. On December 5 this year they will open the Airport Express.)

The Skytrain has had a huge impact on traveling in Bangkok, especially for tourists. Before the Skytrain we were at the mercy of unscrupulous taxi drivers. I remember how hard it was to go where I wanted as the taxi drivers always wanted to take me to a jewellery shop where they’d get a commission.

I don’t know it has improved traffic a lot but it’s made travel a lot less frustrating.

I hope they will continue to develop and expand the system. The next development should be the extension of the Sukhumvit line beyond On Nut.


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