Rained Off

The Bangkok Post (the main English language daily in Thailand) reported today that Bryan Robson, the new coach of the Thailand National Football (soccer to the Americans) Team, would be “unveiled” at the Vie Hotel, Bangkok at 2pm.

See here.

I was free and according to the map the Vie Hotel is close to Phaya Thai Skytrain Station so I decided I would attend. Thai events are often very informal and I thought a farang with a camera would be admitted with a smile. (It’s worked before!) I even took the Canon EOS-30D with me.

However …

It started to pour with rain when I arrived at the station. Raining cats and dogs as we used to say. I wasn’t sure exactly where the Vie Hotel was and I chickened out. I sheltered by the new Airport Express Railway Station (almost complete) and took some photos.

Here’s a train arriving at Phaya Thai railway station. I gave it a bit of an antique look in Lightroom which suited the old train and the dismal weather.


I have not seen any press coverage of Mr Robson’s unveiling. (I don’t think the reporter chose the best word.)

Picapp did not have any pictures, but here’s one of Robson playing for England in 1984.

[picapp src=”7/f/f/4/Bryan_Robson_of_ebe6.jpg?adImageId=5809436&imageId=4629606″ width=”427″ height=”594″ /]

17 Jun 1984: Bryan Robson of England in action during a Friendly match against Chile in Santiago, Chile. The match ended in a 0-0 draw.
Mandatory Credit: David Cannon/Allsport

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