MozyHome – I Was Unfair

I wasn’t fair in my initial evaluation of the MozyHome online backup service. See here and here.

They do offer several ways to restore files without having to purchase a DVD.

They have a restore capability for files in their main user interface and also they mount my backups as a remote disk that I can access from Windows Explorer.

MozyHome Restore

MozyHome Restore

MozyHome Remote Backup in Windows Explorer

MozyHome Remote Backup in Windows Explorer

I have been using MozyHome for a couple of weeks now. It works fine and I am considering upgrading to the paid version that gives me unlimited disk space.

This progress message while preparing a backup is amusing.

Reticulating Splines?

Reticulating Splines?


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2 Responses to “MozyHome – I Was Unfair”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    I am still using MozyHome. It silently updated itself to version I cannot decide if I like the fact that it does not bother me with update demands or if I dislike that it installs anything it pleases on my PC without asking permission. I cannot have it both ways.

    I tried deselecting one folder of documents under My Documents\Documents but it keeps on re-selecting it. I call that a bug.

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