Thai Railway Accident

Train derails, 7 dead, near Hua Hin.

That was a very nasty railway accident where the whole train derailed and seven passengers were killed.

I was disappointed that Picapp did not have any pictures of the accident. It is very farang-oriented.

The wreckage has been cleared and the trains are running again on the Southern Line.

I visited Hua Lamphong Station on Saturday and photographed a similar GE (USA) locomotive soon to depart for Trang in the south.

Departing for the South

The Bangkok Post reported that the State Railway of Thailand will issue a statement on the cause of the accident today (Monday). I’m not going to comment until they do. Thai newspapers are not so discreet.


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3 Responses to “Thai Railway Accident”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    They blamed the driver for the accident. See

    But there are many disturbing statements in the story. Read it for yourself and decide.

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