Get a Free Camera!

Not from here! I don’t have things to give away. Sorry! Try Seventeen magazine.

I’ve been using Google Fast Flip to browse news sources. It’s got my favourites like The NY Times, Slate and the BBC. But it also has sources I would not normally look at. (I think that was part of Google’s intent.)

I was wandering through the Photography section when I saw a page from Seventeen magazine. I was only vaguely aware of it – I was 17 in 1971. Apparently Seventeen is

… the number one magazine for teenage girls. For more than 60 years, the magazine has been the trusted source for all things fashion, beauty, health, dating, and lifestyle related. It’s fun to be Seventeen!

In the promotion girls email the organizer who sends them a FREE Kodak disposable camera.

They mail it back to be developed and Seventeen will consider the photos for considered for “The Girl Project: a book, a traveling exhibition, and web site about life from a teen’s point of view.”

I had to look at the date to make sure this wasn’t an old offer. No, it is September 2009. I am surprised the teen-savvy editors think that a teenager will be excited by one free disposable camera. Don’t they all have cell phone cameras at least?

Maybe it has some retro-chic.

The article is here.

I looked around but didn’t see any “terms and conditions”. Maybe they come in the box with the camera.

I am sure that the teens who send cameras back will grant copyright on the pictures to the magazine. It’s a great way for Seventeen to get inexpensive content for the cost of some disposable cameras.

I recall the Photo Attorney writing on her blog about “rights grabs” by businesses. She may be interested in this.

I wonder how many cameras they’ll get back. I bet less than 10% but I am a cynic. Still, they should have a few thousand pictures to choose from.

It’s another contributor to the demise of photojournalism.

[picapp src=”f/4/4/0/MTVs_The_City_d6c1.jpg?adImageId=5108436&imageId=6379103″ width=”429″ height=”594″ /]


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One Response to “Get a Free Camera!”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    I am surprised Kodak sells disposable cameras any more. But I saw some today outside the Grand Palace in Bangkok along with some from Fuji Film. I don’t know how old they were. They were displayed outside in the sweltering sun. I would not trust those cameras to make good photos.

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