Northern Thai Curry

Northern Thai Curry
I tried a new (to me) dish at the S&P restaurant on Siam Square on Saturday.

S&P Logo

S&P Logo

It was on the menu as a Northern Thai curry with crispy noodles and a chicken leg.

It came in a big bowl with condiments on the side: onion, lime for squeezing, pickled radish and some red chili sauce. I passed on the latter – it was quite spicy enough for my taste.

The noodles were fried and placed in the curry. Those submerged in the sauce were soft while those above-sauce were crispy.

It was hard to eat without making a mess. Beware of this dish if you are concerned about your clothes.

The sauce was tasty but very fatty. It reminded me of the Malay style curries I’ve eaten in Malaysia and Singapore. I felt full and thirsty after eating but I wasn’t hungry for hours afterwards. It powered me all the way up Phaya Thai Road, past Chulalongkorn University to Chamchuri Square where I happily read books and magazines for an hour.

You can see more pictures from my Saturday afternoon Bangkok walk in PicasaWeb here for about a month. The map view is here.


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