More Widgets

I have added some more WordPress widgets to the right sidebar on the blog.

Now I have:

  • Search this blog. This works very well for any text I have entered. It’s why I think Post Tags are of limited value.
  • Calendar View. I am proud that I have added at least one post per day since I started this blog in June 2009. I admit i have cheated a bit. If I know I am going to be away and off the internet for a few days I schedule some posts in advance. WordPress is good like that.
  • My 3 Latest Flickr Photos. From my Flickr photostream. I like the little thumbnails Flickr makes and WordPress displays.
  • My Favourite Links. (Spelled correctly – none of this “favorite” stuff.) This took the most work. The default is a “Blogroll” of favourite blogs, but I have broadened it to favourite links of all types. I am still adding links here.
  • My Categories. A cloud (font size proportional to frequency) of the WordPress categories in the blog. I have too many Misc. Lazy!
  • My Tags. Similar for the tags I add to each post. For categories and tags you can click on one and WordPress displays all messages with that category or tag. I guess adding this makes Tags more useful.
  • Spam Avoided. This is for information. WordPress uses technology from a company called to quarantine comments that are thought to be spam. For me it has been 100% effective with no false positives. I think Akismet is great.

WordPress has support for their widgets here.

I’m still learning about this subject. Please feel free to comment on my choices and also on my rather boring theme. I think it wastes a lot of screen space.


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4 Responses to “More Widgets”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    According to, 83% of all blog comments are spam! They have stats going back to 2005 to back it up.

    This makes me angry. What a waste of time and effort spam is!

    • BKKPhotographer Says:

      I’ve started an effort to add more descriptive categories. WordPress allows you to nest categories.

      So I have the same issues as I have in Lightroom: when to tag and when to add to a category?

      I do not want to over-engineer this one.

    • BKKPhotographer Says:

      I spent most of Sunday morning putting new categories on my posts. Now only 30 out of 444 are “misc”. The category cloud looks more representative of the blog contents now.

      One WordPress quirk. If you don’t allocate a post to a category WordPress adds it to “Uncategorized”. Which is a category. Thus all posts that are Uncategorized are in fact, categorized.

      Uncategorized shows in the category cloud. I think it shouldn’t be there.

  2. BKKPhotographer Says:

    When creating links I wish WordPress would make the default target _blank (new tab or window) – or remember what I last entered.

    I don’t want to lose readers by having them overwrite my blog’s tab with something I’ve linked to. They may never come back!

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