A Very Long Way From Home

I was amazed to see a Land Rover Defender motorhome (motor caravan) with a French license (registration) plate outside the Novotel Hotel, Siam Square, Bangkok on Saturday afternoon.

A Very Long Way From Home

I posted some more pictures of it to PicasaWeb here.

I imagine some people are doing a long overland tour. There was a badge from the Automobile Association of Western India in the windscreen (windshield).

Automobile Association of Western India

Automobile Association of Western India

I like the WIAA badge. The British Autombile Association had a badge like that many years ago.

When I was a teenager such overland tours were very popular. With all the troubles in places like Iraq, Pakistan and Afganistan I’d have thought that Europe – Asia tours would be difficult now.

I’d love to meet the travelers and hear some of their stories. I wonder if they are blogging, twittering or otherwise communicating their adventures. I hope that they were relaxing at the Novotel’s pool after some gruelling but exciting journey.

The Land Rover looked in excellent condition. It has the word Toubab above the cab. I checked toubab.com and found that

A Toubab – pronounced too-bab – is the generic name for a white person in West and Central Africa
It is not a derogatory term of address and is more especially used in The Gambia and Sénégal.

Toubab.com is a travellers’ tales web site but it does not seem to be these folks.

Novotel Siam Square

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[picapp src=”0297/6b483b5e-0264-4f78-83b1-8f3e0e221453.jpg?adImageId=5062816&imageId=301390″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]
Maybe something like this


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4 Responses to “A Very Long Way From Home”

  1. James Says:

    Had a LWB defender for a few years, very reliable, very uncomfy but you could do 70 towing a couple of ton (you know deathwish stuff)

  2. Michael Willems Says:

    Until last December I drove a Land Rover LR3. Then Ford/LR’s lack of vision in not importing Diesel engines (they still don’t, incredibly!) drove me to Mercedes. Now an ML320 Bluetec Diesel. While LR is “studying whether to introduce diesel” into North America. Sleep on!

    • BKKPhotographer Says:

      The Bangkok example was a TDi.

      That’s incredible that they need to think much about introducing diesels in North America. My dad’s 1968 LR 88 Series II was diesel. It was slow (65mph max) but had good low end torque for pulling a caravan out of the mud.

      But diesels are so different nowadays. They need another name to distinguish them for marketing purposes.

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