Auto Rickshaws?

[picapp src=”0297/b794171c-2005-4bc6-9572-7e8cfec320fd.jpg?adImageId=4928823&imageId=300850″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

This picture from Picapp has the title “Auto Rickshaws” and is tagged:

day, outdoors, horizontal, Western Script, travel, commuter, in a row, capital cities, text, medium group of objects, transportation, No People, mode of transport, taxi, bangkok, Thailand, Jinrikisha, Thai Culture

But it does not include the term that’s normally used in Thailand for this type of vehicle: tuk-tuk. In fact the “creative” section of Picapp has nothing keyworded “tuk-tuk” or “tuk tuk”.

I think “Jinrikisha” is a term used in Hong Kong, not Thailand.

The Picapp keywording model differs significantly from mine. Picapp includes keywords about general content, orientation and composition with less emphasis on the “what, who and where” that I use for my Lightroom keywording model. That’s a good lesson if I ever decide to submit my photos to a stock agency again. Editors want to find a photo that fits a space.

I did learn something during my search for tuk-tuks on Picapp. In the “editorial” section it shows some pictures from 2006. A company called Tuctuc Limited introduced an Indian tuk-tuk variant in Brighton, England.

[picapp src=”2/d/e/e/Indian_TukTuks_Arrive_8b17.jpg?adImageId=4930734&imageId=2987362″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]


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