How hard is it to photograph a wedding?

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | How hard is it to photograph a wedding?.

I read the BBC web site for the news and the UK sport. They do not have many photography articles but this one is the magazine is very good. The readers’ comments were the best bit – the full range from “I could have done it better myself if I wasn’t the groom” to “the standards are dropping since everybody who has a DSLR think’s he is a pro”.

I have only photographed a few Western weddings for friends and both with a film camera. My friends were very polite about my work but I don’t think I did anything special.

The Thai people tend to be more informal – at least the families who don’t aspire to a Western style wedding with all the trimmings. They are much easier on the photographer and as long as you have lots of informal shots and jokes I have found they are happy.

I like that about Thailand – people tend to be (choosing my words carefully here) – less pretentious about occasions like weddings.

I just read about a site called PicApp that lets me embed stock images in my posts for no charge. PicApp makes money when you click on the image and look at more pictures.

This is an experiment. Let me know what you think of PicApp.

[picapp src=”5/0/3/6/Chris_Carmack_and_1b80.jpg?adImageId=4647553&imageId=6675672″ width=”380″ height=”570″ /]


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