I like to add pictures to my blog posts. Many times I’m discussing a picture I have taken so it is easy to link to a picture I have uploaded to Flickr. But sometimes I want to write about something else. For example, I have written about the Amazon Kindle. For example here.

I don’t have a Kindle so for this post I “borrowed” an image from the web. I justify it legally as “fair use” under US Copyright Law.

But now I have another option – using stock photographs from the Picapp service. WordPress has made it easy to link to any of their images with a snippet of code I paste into my message.

Their marketing message is

Jazz up your blog, at no cost, with millions of premium, relevant, fresh and legal images to choose from.

(That’s a great example of a message designed by a committee.)

For example, I searched Picapp for pictures of Bangkok. I got two pages of good quality but rather boring pictures. (They look similar to the ones I saw when I searched Shutterstock some time ago.) I guess good quality but boring / uncontroversial is also “marketable” in the stock photography world.

Picapp Bangkok Search Creative

Picapp Bangkok Search Creative

I picked one of a long-tail boat on a khlong (canal) and got a larger picture plus the code snippet to place in the blog.

Picapp Bangkok Picture

Here is the result:

[picapp src=”0283/a9beda97-7591-4777-a040-27344401ef2c.jpg?adImageId=4711731&imageId=286716″ width=”472″ height=”480″ /]

Readers can click on the picture to go to the Picapp web site to see other pictures. Somehow Picapp or the photographer makes money this way. (I don’t get it).

Picapp has “creative” and “editorial” pictures. When I searched for Bangkok using the editorial option I got over 7,000 pictures to choose from. The first page was pictures of a professional tennis tournament.

Picapp Search Editorial

When I narrowed the creative search to “news” I got 2,277 pictures to choose from. Prominent amongst them were pictures from the “Miss Tiffany” katoey (trans-sexual) beauty pagent. For example:

[picapp src=”7/3/b/d/Miss_Tiffany_Transexual_1ed5.jpg?adImageId=4713982&imageId=4802949″ width=”396″ height=”594″ /]

I love the tear!

All the editorial pictures I have seen come from either Corbis or Getty Images.

I am going to use Picapp a lot unless readers tell me that it is irritating. Please don’t hesitate to comment!

Jazz up your blog, at no cost, with
millions of premium, relevant, fresh
and legal images to choose from.

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8 Responses to “Picapp”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    I read the Picapp terms and conditions (after signing up and using their images). I did not find anything surprising except:

    “This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Israel and the competent courts in the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa District shall have the sole jurisdiction over disputes arising from, or related to, this Agreement.”

    I wonder how legal disputes work in practice? How would they go about suing a user based in, say, Thailand, in Israeli courts? Wouldn’t they need to physically serve papers? They only know my email address and registration is voluntary. Guest users can link to their pictures with no id and thus nobody to sue.

    I wonder if the picapp code I put my in blog post is unique to my use of the picture. If it is unique and I do something bad with the picture they can cut me off without affecting other legal users of the picture.

    Picapp seems to be coy about where they are based. I assume it is Israel, otherwise why use Israeli law? Is it particularly friendly to plaintiffs in this area?

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