New Kindle Will Download Books Abroad – But Not in Thailand

New Kindle Will Download Books Abroad –

I was excited to see this article in the New York Times that there will soon be an international version of the Kindle – available from October 19th.

I checked the site and looked at the country information for Thailand. But I saw the message:

Kindle Not in Thailand

Kindle Not in Thailand

The same is true for Singapore and Malaysia. BUT it will be available in Laos and Cambodia but without wireless access. You use your PC to download then send it to the Kindle via a USB link.

Kindle in Laos

Kindle in Laos

Given the relative wealth of the countries that seems strange. I guess there are technical, legal and licensing issues involved. Since Laos and Cambodia are small markets it is less trouble to negotiate than for larger markets like Thailand.

Maybe they are negotiating with the carriers here but did not have an agreement in place in time.

Even if the Kindle does become available here I would be wise to wait one update cycle to let others work out the kinks. I am tired of being an early adopter.

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4 Responses to “New Kindle Will Download Books Abroad – But Not in Thailand”

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  2. BKKPhotographer Says:

    Maybe Barnes & Noble will enter the reader market soon. See

    I posted a comment that in a year or two the market will have a shake out and will standardize on one or two platforms and media formats. Right now it is confusing to be a consumer.

    And I put in a plug for the International Kindle to come to Thailand. I hope they will publish my comment.

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