Sense and Sensitivity:

Camera ISO Display

This Editorial Blog post at taught me a lot about a basic concept I thought I understood: the ISO sensitivity of my camera’s digital sensor.

The comments are confusing and often contradictory as different people weigh in.

The post leaves questions unanswered – but there will be a Part 2.

This is similar to how I thought I understood how a camera shutter works. See here.


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One Response to “Sense and Sensitivity:”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    Part 2 was published today:

    It’s all a bit technical for me.

    If digital cameras didn’t have the film camera heritage but were invented independently I wonder how different they would be? Perhaps in a 100 years time they will be completely divorced from the days of film with no notion of ISOs. Maybe confusing concepts like the way lens apertures are described will go too.

    Quick: what does F5.6 really mean?

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