Trying Bigger Pictures

I’ve noticed that the pictures I have posted that link to Flickr look rather small when displayed here. Flickr automatically makes pictures of different sizes so you have a choice.

I was careful that the size of picture I selected does not overflow into the margins of the blog. That looks very bad. But perhaps I was too conservative.

I have edited some posts to use the “Medium” sized picture from Flickr rather than the “Small”. Flickr’s sizes are not constant: they depend on the size of the picture that I uploaded (of course).

So now I have

Bangkok Night From the Apartment

(Width = 500, Height = 533)


Bangkok Night From the Apartment

(Width = 240, Height = 160).

The maximum width looks like 500.

Some photographers use a different design that maximizes screen width to show their pictures to best advantage.

For example Jeff Friedl’s Blog has nothing in the left margin and much larger, framed photos with a black background.

Leo Laksi has a WordPress blog (so I have the same design “theme” choices). His pictures are much bigger AND they are nicely framed. He uses a white background.

As I admitted when I started this blog in June – the design is boring. Maybe I need a rethink.

Or am I thinking too much?


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6 Responses to “Trying Bigger Pictures”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    If I was an American blogger I would have titled this:

    “New! Now with Bigger Pictures!”

    and had a link to this post: “Learn More!”.

  2. BKKPhotographer Says:

    I created a Test Blog so I can play with designs and WordPress features.

  3. planetcity1 Says:

    If you add a caption to your pic, you will get the same white frame background Leo has.

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