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PMA and want your opinions: Digital Photography Review.

I don’t usually bother much with online surveys, but this one seems worth participating in. I trust and I think manufacturers will listen to results to a survey sponsored by them.

They say

US photographic trade body PMA and are conducting a survey looking for the views of dedicated amateur photographers. The five-minute survey asks about your photographic use, the features you’d like to see in cameras and your use and experience of photo sharing sites and printing services. It aims to get a clearer understanding of what committed non-professional photographers want from their cameras and related services and may even result in those things getting a bit better. Responses will be discussed at the forthcoming 6Sight conference.

You need only provide an email address to have the chance of winning a hardcover copy of ‘What Matters: The World’s Preeminent Photojournalists and Thinkers Depict Essential Issues of Our Time.’ Email addresses are used only for this prize draw and will be discarded after the draw is conducted.

Having said that, it’s not going to be statistically valid since the participants self-select. It needs to be a random sample.

I completed the survey. It took more than fine minutes, but that was due to me “thinking too much” (how much time do I spend in Lightroon, on Flickr …?) and also the slow Internet connection from Thailand. It felt like somebody was transcribing my replies in longhand before sending me the next page.

There were one or two strangely worded questions (designing surveys is hard. I know, I’ve tried) but I won’t spoil things by revealing them.

I was pleased that they accept input from photographers outside the US. The NY Times keeps on offering me surveys and I like to help them because I consume so much of their news free. But every time I tell them I am in Thailand the survey ends. They could have known I am in Thailand from my IP address – so why did they ask me?

I took screen shots of my responses.

I never win prize draws!

I recommend you do the survey, even if it decreases my chances of winning the book.


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