Bangkok’s Khlong San Sabe


I had to go to Ramkhamhaeng University in the Hua Mark district of Bangkok on Monday afternoon. The most direct route from my place is the #137 bus. But Rama IX and Ramkhamhaeng Roads are always clogged.

On the way home I took the ferry along Khlong San Sabe. It runs parallel to those roads and connects with the subway at Phetchaburi. It is a good way to travel east – west in Bangkok.

Unfortunately the canal is very polluted. Like everyone here, the boat “drivers” drive fast and when two boats pass there’s often a load of spray coming into the passenger compartment. It smells awful.

The picture above was a complete surprise. I didn’t notice the girl getting off the boat with commendable agility until I got home. The Nikon Coolpix P6000 is so slow – if I had tried to catch that shot I know I’d have missed it. Its “action” or “sports” mode is laughable. Athletes can run 20m in its shot-to-shot time unless you shoot tiny JPEGs.

I like serendipity.


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