Punnawithi Skytrain Station

Punnawithi Skytrain Station

I took a walk down Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok on Sunday afternoon. It was not very interesting, being fairly quiet on a weekend. I thought I would try a new area as i have been traveling west to the older parts of Bangkok so much. Now I know why: the newer western areas don’t have so many interesting sights.

Indeed the highlight was looking at two of the new Skytrain Stations on the Sukhumvit Line extension beyond On Nut. I posted a picture above and more to Picasa Web here along with other pictures from the trip: mostly vehicles.

The stations Bang Chak and Punnawithi are structurally complete but need fitting out with ticket machines and so on. It’s interesting to think just how much stuff goes into a station. In Thailand most of it is imported and is the subject of negotiations, contracts and so on.

The stations appear identical to the others on the Sukhumvit Line. I could not get up to the platform level so I don’t know if they will be covered like the new stations on the Silom Line.

So if that was the highlight – peering at an unfinished station – then you can imagine how interesting the rest of the walk was.

Maybe it’s me – it was hot and I tired early. A good photographer should be able to find compelling subjects anywhere. Right?


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One Response to “Punnawithi Skytrain Station”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    According to the Bangkok Post newspaper at http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/transport/24107/skytrain-link-tests-delayed the stations are 95% complete but the line won’t open for a while yet.

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