Lightroom Print Presets

I saw what looked like a useful set of Presets for printing photos from Lightroom to standard American paper sizes. They are here on the Lightroom Killer Tips site.

I think that Lightroom makes printing too hard. A few days ago i had to copy a Thai ID card, two sides on a single A4 sheet. I got frustrated trying to print two scanned pictures at actual size. It was quicker to use the photocopy function of my Canon MP610 and put the paper in twice.

I downloaded them and imported them to Lightroom in their own folder. But when I selected a picture to print and went through the presets:

  • 4×6 landscape & portrait
  • 5×7 landscape & portrait
  • 10×8 landscape & portrait

they didnt work! The printer settings did not change.

I found I had to go into the Print Setup dialog box for each preset, set things up correctly. Then I had to right-click on the preset and select “Update with Current Settings”.

That is, the preset didn’t do a thing other than saving me typing a name.

I commented on the post and maybe people will enlighten me. I saw that many others were having problems too.

My guess is that a Preset is hardware-dependent and cannot be generic. So even if Matt set up a Preset for his printer Lightroom would not do anything with it when I imported it as I don’t have the same model.

Lightroom Print Presets

Lightroom Print Presets


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