File Unsupported or Damaged

Unsupported or Damaged File in Lightroom

I exported two photos from Lightroom and made a panorama of them in Photoshop CS4.

That worked fine as it always does. Lightroom automatically imported the panorama – a JPG file – and I stacked it with the originals. I have done this many times with no errors.

Later I saw a little error icon in the top right of the thumbnail of the panorama in Grid view. I was able to load the panorama in Loupe View but I think I was looking at the 1:1 preview.

Lightroom 2.4 complained that the panorama it imported is “appears to be unsupported or damaged”.

Which for heavens sake? It’s important!

And what do you mean by “apppears to be”? Either it is or it isn’t. Geez.

How could Lightroom have imported it if it is unsupported?

I opened the panorama in Photoshop. Photoshop read the file just fine. I re-saved it – after making a backup of the original. Lightroom detected the file change and re-read it with no problems. Lightroom was happy again.

I hate these vague error messages with no guidance on what to do. I wonder what got Lightroom upset.


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