Lightroom Keywording in Loupe View

I thought this was a useful tip, or better, reminder of a feature,  from Using a Keyword Shortcut like this is similar to using the Painter tool that was new with Lightroom 2. Indeed if you set up a keyword shortcut it’s what the Painter uses too.

I like the way the Set Keyword Shortcut dialog box lets me choose from nested keywords. I need that with my excessively complex keyword hierarchy.

Here’s the chore I give Lightroom by simply typing ‘2’:

2 you say?

2 you say?

I have not found much use for this myself because my photos have such a varied set of keywords.

The Painter is much more flexible than Keyword Shorts because it can be used to ‘paint’ things other than keywords to pictures. But the Painter works in Grid View only.

The Painter allows you to paint

  • Keywords
  • Labels
  • Flags
  • Ratings
  • Metadata Presets
  • Develop Presets
  • Rotation, and
  • adding to the Target Collection

with a mouse click. (And another click to undo it.)

To be honest I have not used Keyword Shorts or the Painter much, but I should try some experiments and see if they simplify things for me in any way.


  • Adobe put so much effort into making keywording easy. It’s such a pity that no-one keywords!
  • You can also use Alt 1-9 to apply keywords from the current Keyword Set (I always use ‘Recent Keywords’) but you have to be careful how Lightroom orders them and if it changes the order. Unfortunately there are no keyboard shortcuts to apply Keyword Suggestions – which I use more.
  • Isn’t Loupe View a silly name? Who knows what a Loupe is? Why not call it “Single Picture View” and give it the keyboard shortcut S?
  • I have not seen any secrets revealed on This tip certainly is no secret: it’s a documented feature. The latest post when I checked just now was about the Lightroom 2.5 release. It punctuated an unremarkable event with an exclamation mark and gave no added value beyond the Adobe announcement.  Where’s the secret? For example, if they told me about an undocumented change then there would be some value.
  • All competitiveness aside, has “the best forum on the net!”. I should keep an open mind and check it out.

One Response to “Lightroom Keywording in Loupe View”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    “Lightroom Killer Tips” (more hyperbole) mentioned the Lightroom 2.5 update without the exclamation marks:

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