Evening Walk

I didn’t have time to go out during the day in Wednesday. I enjoy my Bangkok walks and get antsy if I don’t go somewhere and take some pictures.

There were rain showers in the evening but nothing serious so I decided to have an evening walk around a safe, well-lit area. Central World is the obvious, if unimaginative choice.

Bangkok Central World at Night at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail: GPS Community

I started from Siam (Central) Skytrain Station and walked along the overhead walkway to Central World at the Rachaprasong Intersection.

Then I walked around the whole shopping “lifestyle” complex. I used the Canon EOS-30D camera with the 28-135mm image stabilized lens. I set the camera to 1000ASA. That’s quite acceptable with the SLR – definitely not with a Point-and-Shoot.

I found it was good to bracket exposures by plus or minus 2/3 of a stop. Many good sights had a single bright light that fooled the camera’s metering. A more scientific approach is to use spot metering. but digital film is cheap so it was easier to bracket and select the best in Lightroom / Photoshop.

I could do more work and build a pseudo-HDR image from the best areas of each shot. I didn’t use a tripod but with the camera on fast “motor drive” I was able to take three almost identical shots.

I enjoyed the walk. Bangkok is so lively at night. At the end of the walk I stopped by the stairs to Siam Station. There were food stalls everywhere with people eating noodles and rice. It was a very different scene from the tourist oriented street commerce during the day.

I only got hassled by touts once – outside the Intercontinental Hotel. “No – I don’t want a one hour tuk-tuk ride for 10B thank you very much.”

I find that if I say “no thanks” in Thai the touts are less persistent than if I speak to them in English. They assume I am a local and leave me alone.


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