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From my time living in America I remember that it’s unwise to make any significant business or personal decision without consulting an attorney first. Life can be so complex there, especially with the multiple legal systems (Federal and State) and their relationships.

Carolyn Wright is the first attorney I have seen who specializes in matters photographic. She is a keen photographer too, which must help a lot.

She has a WordPress blog which mentions some interesting items like a New York City Council hearing on street photography and “rights grabs” by organizers when you submit your photos to a competition. I hadn’t thought about the latter, but it seems like a bloody cheek to me.

Many times I complained about the US legal system and the excessive complexity of life there. But I prefer the open-ness and willingness of the citizens (aided by ably attorneys of course) to challenge governments and companies.

In the UK that seems to be left more to pressure groups. For example the “I’m a Photographer, Not a Terrorist” group I mentioned before. I used to think that the UK was more relaxed and less legalistic than the States, but not, it seems, any more.

I’m not going to get into politics here, but I wish the UK had a written Constitution like the USA. Successive UK Governments have increased their powers and decreased freedoms without a “line in the sand” drawn by a constitution and an experienced Supreme Court to enforce it.

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