Goodbye, Gobbledygook – About Time Too!

See this New York Times article.

I can’t believe that it is a revelation to the PC industry and retailers that technical jargon doesn’t sell. I had just that experience when I bought my laptop in Bangkok earlier this year. The poor salesman was completely confused and could not help at all.

I had two specs – disk space and memory – in mind and a price point – less than 20,000 Baht. Oh yes, and it had to run Windows XP because I didn’t want to mess with Vista. I got what I wanted and the salesman was relieved.

To be fair, other industries are just as confusing. It is hard to sell specific benefits to a general market. I saw a Thai ad for some health drink called Peptein today on the Skytrain. It was full of pseudo-scientific words and formulae that meant zero to me and less than zero to the average Bangkokian. It was just intended to look impressive. They even have a figure on their posters that is meant to resemble Albert Einstein. Amazing.


Peptein Ad on a Skytrain in Bangkok

I mentioned before about how I like David Pogue of the NY Times deflating confusing sales pitches for various electronic products.

Auto makers are not a lot better. But at least their product moves so they can show it to its best advantage on roads the average driver will never encounter.

I don’t think the “Goodbye, Gobbledygook” trend will last in the PC Market. It is too hard to enunciate specific benefits for rapidly but incrementally evolving technology. It’s easier to go back to the fact tag.

Best Buy Fact Tag

Best Buy Fact Tag

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