I Can Walk on Water

Here’s the proof:

Walking on Water

Walking on Water

On Saturday the Bangkok weather was kind and I made my long anticipated trip to Thanon Tok at the end of the #1 bus line.

I uploaded the track log to Every Trail and then downloaded a KML file to Google Earth. This enabled me to show my path on Google Earth’s satellite images. Their images of this part of Bangkok are not great, but I assume they are accurate.

Even though I was out in the open (under a hot sun) on a clear day the Nikon Coolpix P6000 had a fairly large GPS error that in this screen shot made it look like I walked into the river. Of course I was on the pier to the right. (Beware, it’s very rusty and unsafe, even though it is used as a ferry dock).

The EveryTrail trip is here. There are more pictures (for a month or so) on PicasaWeb here.

The Bagkok Post has an article about Thanon Tok here. That’s what inspired me to travel to the end of the #1 bus line.

The Bangkok Post article explains:

Why is it called Thanon Tok? The answer is simple. If we walk on, we will fall [or tok in Thai] into the Chao Phraya River because the road ends at the river. Thanon Tok is the road’s colloquial name while Charoen Krung is its official name.

Now you know!

It was an interesting four mile (6.6km) walk, enlivened by three side trips to the River. I wish there was a path along the river bank but of course there are many properties, mostly businesses, right up to the river. Some old businesses are being replaced by expensive hotels and condominium complexes.


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2 Responses to “I Can Walk on Water”

  1. Arthur Says:

    Long walk.

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    […] in the EXIF metadata of every photo I take. (Sometimes it is amusingly inaccurate – see here – but that’s another […]

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