Keep Your P6000 Plugged In

One of the reasons why the Nikon Coolpix P6000 comes with an AC adapter rather than a battery charger may be the way its GPS system works.

Even when the camera is switched off it attempts to get or update a GPS fix. According to the manual

If Record GPS Data is set to On positioning will be done every 90 minutes when the camera is turned off. During positioning the power-on light will blink. The monitor will not light up. Positioning will cancel if three minutes pass and positioning cannot be done.

Nikon Coolpix P6000 User’s Manual (English) p 60.

This will drain the camera’s battery eventually. Thus if you leave the camera in its case and not plugged in you may take it out and find it has a flat battery.

I think this positioning while turned off should be a separate option from Record GPS Data. This is the option that records GPS data to the picture’s metadata. It’s logically separate from the “positioning while turned off” facility.

The latter has never worked for me. If the camera is in the apartment it will never get a fix. I tried leaving it by the window and it could not get a fix unless I held it out of the window. I think that’ll be true for most people.

I hope the upcoming P7000 keeps the GPS function but separates this feature in the user interface. I wouldn’t mind if they dropped it. For me “off” should mean “off” apart from keeping the clock running. I don’t want the thing flashing its lights and wasting electrons every 90 minutes.


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