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HP App Studio

I think Apple started the idea for the iPhone but now everybody has to have an App Store or Studio. (I don’t think Studio is such a good name. A Studio is where you create art, not shop for it. But maybe Apple has the App Store phrase locked up.)

The Mr Fredrickson in me says that if HP reduced their ink prices they’d get people to print more than by selling printers that connect to the Internet.

However … It’s a great opportunity for software developers. If you have the expertise to make applications for these devices it looks like manufacturers are queueing up (lining up to the Americans) to use your skills.

I wonder how open HP will be to applications. For example what if a porn site wanted to offer an app that makes it easy to print high quality, shall we say  “voyeur images” (smile) for a price? Would HP let them into their app store?

I wonder if there is enough of a market in Thailand for Thai language apps for all these devices. I doubt very much that the US and European based developers consider Thailand as a market. But Thai people do not like to buy software – it is too easily available in pirated copies. I wonder if that is true for iPhone, Android etc. apps?


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