Nikon P7000 Rumours

Just as I thought, rumours are starting to fly about a new Nikon Coolpix P7000 to replace the P6000.

There is a site devoted to Nikon Rumours with a page for the possible P7000 here.

My favourite review and news site,, has a policy about revealing information while it’s embargoed by the manufacturer. As a result they get early access to new products so they can publish hands-on details as soon as the embargo is lifted. But they are often frustrated by the number of leaks that can only have come from the manufacturer’s employees. See their self-described rant about it here.

It’s often hard to do the right thing.

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11 Responses to “Nikon P7000 Rumours”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    This is by far my most read blog post. Sorry if you expected to find some facts here. I am keeping an eye on the Nikon Rumours site but there’s been nothing new about the possible P7000 since August 19th.

  2. BKKPhotographer Says:

    There’s still no word on the P7000 by the end of October 2009. I wonder if it will be out in time for Christmas?

  3. Ricci Says:

    I have a P5000 which my wife has nicked as well as a D90. I really want a P7000 rather than a G11 or GR111 but can’t wait forever. Hoping Nikon releases soon.

    • BKKPhotographer Says:

      I think there’s still a chance they’ll release in time for the Christmas season. I hope they have followed Canon’s lead and use a smaller sensor with better quality pixels. That and making the new model faster. I am so tired of missing shots because it is so slow to focus.

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  5. BKKPhotographer Says:

    There’s still no news of the P7000. If it was a Christmas Holidays item it should have been announced by now. Maybe Nikon withdrew the P6000 after I said rude things about it and are franticly updating the P7000 to please me.

    But that’s unlikely.

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  7. Denzel Says:

    I’m also waiting for that baby, … so long that my hair are turning white now. The P6000 is not good enough for me as I want a P&S complementary to my pro gear with real quality output in high iso and f2 lens minimum. Hope Nikon will go for a new concept camera lying between the G11 and the EP-1. It will be also cool to have the extra accessories of underwater casing like Canon does so well….

    Hey Nikon Guys up there…. make me happy plzzzzz ! My cash is ready !!!!!

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  9. Michael Willems Says:

    I just heard something terrible.

    Fellow reader Jeffrey received a reply to an automated message his system had sent Ian. This reply in broken English essentially said “I’m Ian’s wife. I’m sorry to tell you that he died”.

    If we understood this correctly, that is terrible, terrible news. I must say I was getting very worried by Ian’s absence on my blog.

    We thought we should at least mention something here for the benefit of those who knew him.

    Michael Willems
    Oakville, Ontario

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