Vehicle Registration Plates of Thailand

UPDATE: I replaced this with version 0.2 on 9th September 2009. See here.

Here is the first draft of a paper describing the current motor vehicle registration system for Thailand – complete with many illustrations.

Vehicle Registration Plates of Thailand

Vehicle Registration Plates of Thailand

I believe it is more complete that anything else that has been offered online, at least for free.

It is a 5MB Adobe PDF file so you need Adobe Reader to view it.

Get Adobe Reader

Get Adobe Reader

Comments and corrections are much appreciated.


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One Response to “Vehicle Registration Plates of Thailand”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    I got some excellent feedback on the document from my Flickr friend “channarong108”. I will produce version 0.2 soon. I’ll probably delete 0.1 from WordPress so as not to clutter things up with obsolete information.

    Maybe channarong108 and I are the only people in the world interested in this subject to this depth. Maybe soon we’ll understand it better than the civil servants at the Department of Land Transport (DLT). I don’t think Thai civil service jobs pay well though.

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