It’ll Never Catch On

I wrote a fairly long post this morning about reading textbooks on mobile devices. I used the “Press This” feature of WordPress to start from an article on the NY Times web site.

But when I pressed “Save Draft” the tool complained that my post was blank. All the content got lost in the cloud and there was no way to retrieve it.

Very annoying.

If I compose on the WordPress site it saves drafts automatically. But apparently not when using “Press This”.

It’ll be a long time before Internet connections worldwide are reliable enough for critical work. In the mean time I’ll stick to client based applications for the stuff I cannot afford to lose.

Maybe the post will be better the second time I write it. I believe many established writers throw their first drafts away. Tools like this mean it is so easy for first drafts to get published. Perhaps draft destruction should be a standard feature.


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One Response to “It’ll Never Catch On”

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