WordPress Spam Comments

Fortunately I only get them a few times a week. The spamming user agents are clever that they don’t blast multiple comments on every post any more.

This is a particularly egregious one that WordPress caught:

Spam Comment

Spam Comment

I had a couple of more subtle spam comments earlier this week. They appeared to be a one-line compliment on a post: “This is very interesting” or “This blog rocks!”. The latter is inappropriate for my style of blogging, whatever this blog does is definitely doesn’t rock!

There were no obvious problems with the comment – no apparent links or mountains of keywords. But the author’s web site (an optional field when you add a comment) was a get-rich-quick scheme. If I hadn’t taken a look I would have approved the comment. I like compliments, even if they are content-free.

WordPress implements a policy where the first comment by a user is automatically held for moderation by the blog owner. If I approve the comment then subsequent comments from that user are approved automatically.

Thus a way to game their system is to make a “That’s a great point!” comment without a link. I’ll approve it and then the spammer can add others without me getting suspicious.

I think I can configure WordPress to make all comments wait for moderation. That would be a lot of trouble given the hundreds comments I get per day.



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