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How Much Time Do You Spend Post-Processing Your Photos? « Photofocus.

I found this poll while wandering around the huge number of photography related blogs on WordPress. It asks an apparently simple question:

“How much time do you spend processing your photos?”

with the explanation “How much time do U spend in post 4 each photo?” with the choices between zero and 1-2 hours.

Poll on Time in Post 1

I always “think too much” as the Thai people say. So here I thought:

  • How do you define “post”? My guess is that he means editing in Lightroom or Photoshop – but not the time taken to add keywords and other metadata.
  • If I take 200 pictures in a day on an “assignment”, e.g. my recent walk in Lumphini Park I won’t touch most of them. I’ll select some to send to Flickr and others for PicasaWeb. The Flickr pictures get more attention as I have a group or particular Flickr friend in mind. Lately I have been less discriminating on what I put on PicasaWeb and have been enjoying creating tours using Every Trail.
  • Does that all count as “post”? I don’t think so.
  • I think is more for professionals like wedding photographers. They take perhaps 500 photos of an event, winnow them down in Lightroom and select 10% to present to their client. That top 50 get a lot of attention.
  • I think Scott Bourne is thinking of the time spent perfecting that top 50 – better quality means more sales. See for example his blog post here on retouching a wedding portrait. As he says:

These types of very small adjustments may mean the difference between a good picture and an exceptional picture or more importantly, a photo that the client will buy verses one she won’t buy.

  • I guess that has a wide range of visitors: professional and amateur. Within that there will be many different specializations and interests. Would a photojournalist think the same way? I doubt it.
  • The marketing for Seim Effects addresses this in a particularly American way. It essentially promises to reduce your time in post to almost zero per photo with its one click magic.
  • I don’t know what Scott hopes to learn from his poll. Maybe he’s well aware of the problems with the question and just wants to create some controversy.

After thinking way too much I voted.

I based my choice on how much time I spent when I did a semi-professional assignment for a company. I estimated the I time spent for the set of photos I delivered to my client.

But my vote is a secret.

If you vote you’ll see the results so far. He uses a gadget from to create the poll. I presume it takes some steps to prevent multiple voting.


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