Lightroom’s Panel End Marks

I have a cold and I am staying at home today. My brain is moving slowly because of the decongestants I took. Rather than do something taxing I decided to look a Lightroom feature that seems to be useless and see if I could think of a use for it.

Lightroom lets you specify a graphic which it shows at end bottom of the left and right panels in all views. Lightroom gives you some defaults but you can set your own.

I tried a few ideas. The one that worked best was a greyscale, high contrast picture of the Bangkok skyline. It’s got no utility but it looks nice.

Custom Panel End Marks

Custom Panel End Marks

It’s neat that you can right-click on the graphic and specify a new one. That saves you going to the “Edit…Preferences” dialog box.

On a PC running Windows XP you store your custom end marks in \Documents and Settings\<User>\Application Data\Adobe\Lightroom\Panel End Marks. I think that directory is hidden by default.

I don’t know where Lightroom stores its default set of end marks.

I don’t know why but Windows XP has another tree of data directories for Adobe at \Documents and Settings\<User>\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe but Lightroom doesn’t use it.

If you can think of a practical use for panel end marks please tell me!



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