Geotagged Photos to EveryTrail (2)

Here’s my “simple” method of getting geotags from my photos into a form that EveryTrail accepts. See here for why I need to do this.

I keep all my photos in a Lightroom database. My principal camera, the Nikon Coolpix P6000 adds geotag information to the photos whenever it can. For photos that aren’t geotagged I use Jeff Friedl’s add-in for Lightroom.

EveryTrail accepts tracklog information in a format called GPX – GPS Interchange Format. It’s XML with a defined schema. I found that I can use the LR/Transporter add-in for Lightroom to export a file in the correct format.

Here’s a screenshot of the LR/Transporter screen I use.

LR/Transporter Export Settings

LR/Transporter Export Settings

There is a standard header that defines the file then a line for each photo giving the latitude, longitude and date/time. Finally there’s a standard footer.

There’s no need to export a file per image in LR/Transporter – the summary at the end suffices.

You don’t need to export the actual photos – you can use LR/Transporter to export the metadata in this format my selecting “Export Metadata Using LR/Transporter…” from the Lightroom “File…Plug-in Extras…” menu.

Note that if you use Jeff’s GPS plugin you must write the shadow GPS data back to the file’s EXIF using the instructions in the add-in.

Here’s an example of the file produced by LR/Transporter:

GPX File from LR/Transporter

GPX File from LR/Transporter

The only problem is that EveryTrail expects dates to be in mm/dd/yyyy format and this export is in dd/mm/yyyy format.It would be great if LR/Transporter let you specify the date format.

It’s easy to do a global edit to change that before presenting the file to EveryTrail.

Notepad ++ Date Replace

Notepad ++ Date Replace

You wouldn’t believe how much easier this is than the multi-step approach I tried before using two file format converters. Thumbs up to LR/Transporter!


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