Thinking of a Third Flickr Account

My principal Flickr account, Ian Fuller, is a mixture of vehicle pictures and general Thailand pictures.

The audience for the vehicles is pretty specialized – but they are good Flickr friends and often help me out.

The audience for the travel photos is more general. But perhaps they are put off when they add me as a contact and see too many pictures of the backs of buses.

I get comparatively few views for those pictures. When I tried my “art” project I got almost no views.

In marketing terms my Flickr presence is unfocused. Maybe I will do better to create a new account for one of the two genres. Then I can specialize and create a network of contacts on the more “artistic” side.

It also gives me 200 more photos in my photostream and an additional 100MB of uploads per month.

Of course, counter to that is the hassle of checking and administering multiple accounts. But that is fairly easy in Lightroom given Jeff Friedl’s excellent add-in.

I’ll think about it.


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