“Old” Bangkok Pictures

I posted a couple of pictures to Flickr of, yes, buses in Bangkok when I visited in 1986/87 at the ripe old age of 31.

Bangkok Hino Bus in 1987


Bangkok Hino Bus in 1986

To me it isn’t that long ago but it seems like ancient history. I’d like to find the intersection and take a similar picture in 2009. My impression is that traffic is heavier now but air pollution is far less. I don’t feel dirty and have a huge headache whenever I go out any more.

I scanned all my photographs in about 2002 so I have them all on my Seagate USB drive, indexed with Thumbs Plus. In those days film was expensive to me so I didn’t take as many vehicle photos as I would have liked. I made a 36 exposure roll last a couple of days when on holiday. Today I don’t think twice about taking 200 pictures in an afternoon. I think my record is over 600.

The Hino buses have gone but I don’t think they are very different from
the current Hino AKs.

BMTA Hino AK Bus at Victory Monument

I am interested in the fact that the fleet number of one bus starts 10-. That’s the zone, or garage allocation. Now all BMTA buses are numbered 1- to 8-, so 10- must be a zone that has since closed. I hope to find out from my Flickr friends.

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3 Responses to ““Old” Bangkok Pictures”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    A Flickr friend took a picture from the same spot and posted it at http://img188.imageshack.us/i/dsc05202b.jpg/. The location on Google Maps is http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=13.750544,100.54111&z=17&t=h&hl=en

    The intersection looks much the same, but just up the road the Central World complex has replaced the older shops. Actually before it was Central World I think it was called the World Trade Centre.

  2. BKKPhotographer Says:

    I posted a similar shot to the top one at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ianfuller/3939342791/

  3. Close to the Same Shot « Bkkphotographer's Blog Says:

    […] See https://bkkphotographer.wordpress.com/2009/09/01/old-bangkok-pictures/ […]

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